Self Study

Over 80% of the population prefers traditional architecture over contemporary. However, over 99% of new architecture graduates are trained as contemporary architects. Naturally, many contemporary architects will be asked to design traditional buildings.

If you are a contemporarily trained architect with a traditional commission, you’ve come to the right place! The Self Study section will help you develop the basics and give you a keen eye for evaluating traditional architecture.

It’s also for clients who want to ensure their traditional commissions are designed right, and for anyone who is simply curious to learn more!

It is recommended to start with the Design Guidelines and Classical Elements, followed by the examples of What Went Right and What Went Wrong. We may learn from our mistakes, but it’s far better to learn from the mistakes of others! Finally, if you have the time and are hungry for more, you can round out your experience with the Further Reading links.

If you come across a term you are not familiar with, you can look it up here. Feel free to come back often, as content is added and updated on a regular basis.

Enjoy the learning process!