Notre Dame is the only school fully dedicated to traditional architecture and urbanism. It is the premier traditional architecture school and enjoys an exceptional reputation, with firms competing to hire Notre Dame graduates. The curriculum is based on the teaching techniques of the original École des Beaux-Arts in Paris with a highlight being a study year in Rome.

Notre Dame                                       Tuition: ~$50,000/year


The following architecture schools also offer traditional and classical content:

Andrews University                           Tuition: ~$30,000/year
Benedictine College                         Tuition: ~$30,000/year
Catholic University of America        Tuition: ~$45,000/year
Judson University                              Tuition: ~$30,000/year
University of Colorado Denver        Tuition: ~$25,000/year
University of Miami                            Tuition: ~$50,000/year
University Suor Orsola Benincasa   Tuition: EU students: €10,000; Non-EU students: €16,300
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Tuition: €4,000


There are also a number of building schools and ateliers:

American College of the Building Arts
The Florence Academy of Art
The Prince’s Foundation
Grand Central Atelier
Academy of Classical Design



If you think another school should be on this list, feel free to tell us why. We would love to hear from you!