Every five years the ITA ranks the Top 50 Traditional Architects.

The ranking criteria are:
Consistently producing designs that are beautiful, practical, and respectful of their settings.

Architects are judged only on their work. The size of a practice, years of experience, contribution to and reputation within the industry are not taken into account. The list only contains practicing firms and architects, therefore some urban planners, preservationists, and professors may be noticeably absent. Where possible, individual architects were ranked. Where there was no way to differentiate between individual architects’ work, whole firms were ranked.


 2015 Top 50 Traditional Architects

Ranking Name or Practice Country Website
50 Maciej Mazgaj Poland
49 Atelier & Co USA
48 Christopher Doyle Architects Australia
47 Robert Franklin UK
46 Jones and Boer Architects USA
45 Julian Bicknell and Associates UK
44 Michael Rouchell USA
43 Neumann Lewis Buchanan Architects USA
42 John Milner USA
41 Ben Pentreath and Associates UK
40 Six Architects Netherlands
39 Christine Franck USA
38 Ethan Anthony USA
37 Peter Zimmerman Architects USA
36 Michael G. Imber Architects USA
35 Ken Tate Architect USA
34 Allan Greenberg USA
33 Liam O’Connor Architects UK
32 Robertson Partners USA
31 Francis Johnson and Partners UK
30 Wadia Associates USA
29 Larry E. Boerder Architects USA
28 William T. Baker USA
27 David Mayernik Ltd. USA
26 John Simpson UK
25 Stanhope Gate Architecture UK
24 Stephen Langer UK
23 Duncan G. Stroik USA
22 Michael Middleton Dwyer USA
21 Norman Davenport Askins Architect USA
20 Gilbert P. Schafer III USA
19 Eric Stengel Architecture USA
18 Charles Hilton Architects USA
17 Historical Concepts USA
16 Douglas VanderHorn Architects USA
15 John B. Murray Architect USA
14 Curtis & Windham Architects USA
13 Abdel-Wahed El-Wakil Egypt
12 Demetri Porphyrios UK
11 Fairfax & Sammons Architects USA
10 Franck and Lohsen Architects USA
9 Eric J. Smith Architect USA
8 McCrery Architects USA
7 Peter Pennoyer USA
6 Ferguson & Shamamian Architects USA
5 George Saumarez Smith UK
4 LeVaughn and Associates USA
3 Andrew Skurman Architects USA
2 Stephane Boens Belgium
1 Quinlan and Francis Terry UK




If you think you should be on the 2020 list, feel free to tell us why. We would love to hear from you!